Non-surgical hair replacement is a great option if you want fuller natural looking hair without surgery. Non-surgical hair replacement can take the form of hairpieces (also known as hair system, hair units), wigs (toupees), or weave extensions to name a few. The problem lies where consumers are not informed on what to look for when they are researching alternatives for non-surgical hair replacement. Your hair loss specialist can guide you and help you choose the system that would be best for your hair goals.


As I have stated in my previous blog-not all hair loss is permanent.


10 Important facts about non-surgical hair replacement systems:

1 )  Hair replacement systems have minimal risks and great benefits.

2) The systems need consistent maintenance in order for your investment to last. Your hair specialist will be able to teach you how to do some of the maintenance to your system.

3) The cost to maintain your system can range from $60 to $400 per month.

4) Bonded systems can stay attached to your head up to 4 weeks, sometimes 6 weeks. The systems must be removed, cleansed, and re-attached.

5) Some hair clubs will require you to sign a maintenance contract to maintenance your systems. This is optional. You do not have to sign the maintenance contract. You can take your units wherever you like to be maintenance, but I recommend having the unit serviced by the hair club you purchased it from because the hair club know its product(s). If you take the unit to another service provider that is not familiar with the unit, you run the risk of the unit being damaged.

6) It is best that you buy two units (wigs) that way one can be serviced while you wear the other.

7) The comfort of the unit will depend strictly on attachment. Comfort will differ for each individual.

8) You may find that you just do not like hair systems and that is ok! There are others options. The simplest option is to accept your hair loss and move forward with your new image.

9) As you research your non-surgical replacement options, you may find several mentions about permanent non-surgical hair replacement, non-surgical hair grafting, etc. Do not get overwhelmed. They are different terms used for hair systems due to the technique of attachment.

10) Hair systems should be replaced when needed i.e. extremely faded color to due excessive exposure to sunlight, general deterioration of the hair piece as whole.


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Written by prutlin