I service clients all of the time and when I ask them how much water they drink, they look at me with a blank stare then say “Not Enough.” My response is “I recommend you start drinking more.”


Drinking water is not a favorite beverage of many people and I get that. Everyone has their reason why they don’t drink water: water has no flavor, water tastes nasty, water makes them gag, and so on. While water may not be your beverage of choice, it definitely has an impact on your hair growth.


Our bodies are composed of 60% – 80% water. When you don’t drink enough water, the cells responsible for hair growth can’t reproduce due to dehydration. Your hair then becomes extremely dry, brittle, and eventually starts to break off.   This interferes your natural hair growth cycles: anagen (growth phase); catagen (transitional phase); telogen (resting phase); early anagen (hair follicle starts to form as the old hair is expelled). The phases continue and the cycles start over again. To make drinking water less burdensome, I am sharing my five tips to make it easier to bear and drink up.


H3’s Five Tips To Drinking More Water-


1) Drink water in between meals and along with your snacks.

If you are chained to a desk for a living, it’s super easy to eat junk food and sugary sweets unconsciously as you work. Opting for a healthier snack along with water, will increase your energy and daily water intake.


2) Drink 8 oz to 16 oz of water before each meal.

Drinking water before a meal will make you feel full faster. In addition, if you are trying to lose weight or maintain your weight, drinking water will help you maintain the fluids you need as you workout.


3) Put different veggies, fruits, and herbs in your water.

It gives your water a different taste and it’s refreshing.

One of my favorites I recommend is adding fresh sliced lemons or 100% pure lemon juice concentrate to your water and drink it in between meals. This will suppress your appetite and you will feel full longer. It flushes the toxins out of your body and cleanses your digestive system.   I do not recommend drinking lemon water with your meals. Reason being, the acid from the lemon water may upset your stomach and cause your food to not digest properly.


4) Switch up your routine and add a little flavor.

Add those low calorie drink mixes like Crystal Light to you water from time to time to liven up your taste buds.

5) Grab a gallon of water and challenge yourself.

Some days we just feel like we have to have that caffeine or carbonated sugary drink. Try not buying the drinks for a week and instead buy a gallon water. Set a goal for yourself to drink a gallon of water per day. Not only will this flush your body of toxins but you will feel better and you won’t crave that sugar beverage as much.



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Written by prutlin