Always think beyond the workout.


For workouts, choose hair styles easily for you to manage. If you are into curls, I recommend opting for wavy or curly hair. If you are into straight hair I recommend short hair extension styles where the hair is not on your neck or can be pulled off your neck and face during workout. Wigs are a great option as well. You can remove the…

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For years, I believed tangible things would made me happy. I would go shopping because 1) I was bored, 2) going through emotional pain, or 3) trying to keep up with the Joneses. There were only so many things I could buy before I realized I didn’t really want those things in the first place. Some things I bought cost me more of a hassle once I had it…

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Losing your hair can be very traumatic especially if your hair loss is beyond your control. When you are losing your hair you become very conscientious. I know from experience because I experienced temporary hair loss due as part of my post-partum pregnancy. Although you are experiencing hair loss, do not let it take over your life. If you haven’t already, I invite you to read my blog titled…

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Alternative hair (hair extensions, wigs, hair pieces, hair units, hair systems) is one of the best investments you make in yourself. When purchasing alternative hair, you want to purchase the best quality hair. Quality hair can lasts up to one year or longer depending on the maintenance and care which I am going to share with you today.

In my opinion the best type of alternative hair is…

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5 Easy Ways To Add Volume To Your Hair

We all want the voluminous looking tresses with the free flowing bouncy curls full of body and luster but don’t know how to achieve that look. I have 5 simple and easy ways to add that volume and body to your hair.

To achieve full, thick looking hair:

Tip 1:

Use holding spray and spray the hair and back comb/tease the hair to your desired level of fullness. (This method is great…

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Not All Hair Loss Is Permanent

I know when your hair is coming out beyond your control, it may seem like the hair loss is permanent. No one is exempt from hair loss. In fact, it can happen to anyone: men, women, and even children. Statics show that approximately 42 million women in the US suffer from hair loss. Once you find that you are losing your hair, you will want to do your best…

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From my experience in both private and government sectors, the extra demands of doing your job as well as the jobs of 3 others can put stress on you…hence leaving many feeling “overworked and underpaid”. Many women feel they have no choice but to press on and deal with the job along with their personal life’s obligations.


I am here today as a testimony to tell that you can de-stress…

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Big Chop or Not?

This Should Not Be One of the Reason You Decided to Do The Big Chop


1) Your friends are going natural.

2) You are upset and very emotional and just sick of everything and everybody.

3) It’s the trend right now.

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“5” Tips To Selecting The Right Hair System

Long gone are the days of wearing wigs and hair pieces your grandmother wore. These days, there are so many options to choose from as it relates to alternative hair. Your main options are synthetic or human hair. When you are suffering from hair loss due to medical conditions you need someone reliable you can turn to that can help you figure out what is best for your current…

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