Part 3- Dry Hair

During winter just like our skin, out hair will dry out due to the changing climate and from wearing hats, and scarves. Your hair can be dry for numerous reasons. Some common reasons are 1) your scalp is not producing enough sebum (natural oil); 2) your hair could be chemically damaged or damaged from hot tools; or 3) not drinking enough water, yes, not drinking enough water!


If you are a natural and love to wear your hair as a wash and go, its best to shampoo less & condition more.

Remember, with the cold winter air, you want to maintain moisture. Winter is a good time to switch to a richer conditioner and deep condition with a hot oil treatment. I suggest deep condition every week or two.

The most frequent question I get asked is what product to use to moisturize the hair. The key it to moisturizing your hair is knowing your hair texture and type. I will talk more about this in my next blog- Moisturizing Your Hair According To Your Hair Type. If you need some great products that will moisturize your hair and are great for all hair textures and types, I recommend the Basic Hair Care line. I love this product line because all of the products are interchangeable, and you can mix the products within the lines to address your hair needs. I recommend the following Basic Hair Care Products:


Some other things you can do to retain the moisture in your hair is reduce the heat you apply to your hair. If you must use heat, apply a thermal heat protectant to your hair before blow drying and styling. Nevertheless, you can always take a break from hair styles requiring heat and were protective styles i.e. braids, wigs, and weaves.


If you have coily/kinky hair, its best to protect your hair at night to retain its moisture. I suggest wrapping your hair in a silk/satin scarf or sleeping on a satin pillow case.

Add moisture to the room you are in. Placing a humidifier your room will aid in not only keeping your skin moisturized but your hair as well. Humidifiers do not make your hair frizz. In fact humidifiers are your friend. While your home’s heating system heats the house, it dries the air. Humidifiers add moisture back into the air. It will even help with your sinuses and keep your nasal passages moistened.


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Written by prutlin