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Part 1- Dry Face

Oh, yes the seasons have changed and winter is almost here. It’s that time of season when our faces, body, and hair get extremely dry. Fine lines in the skin become more visible, the skin feels rough and appears dull and flaky. Its hard to keep them moisturized. So how do you nurture your face, body, and hair in the winter? Great question. Here are some basics to combat a dry face:

Use a mild cleanser and warm water to cleanse you face.

Hot water can worsen the problem of dry skin by removing your skin’s natural oils. In addition, some facial cleansers maybe too harsh for dry sensitive skin.

After rinsing, use a clean towel and pat your skin partially with a dry towel.

Leaving your face a damp will put moisture back into your skin and help your skin’s elasticity. Rubbing your face dry my actually irritate your skin and make your dry skin problem worsen. If you want to use a mild toner, you can but if that irritates your face during winter, avoid the on toner.


Immediately after patting your face, apply your moisturizer to seal the water into your skin.

You should moisturize your skin according to your skin type. For dry skin, a cream moisturizer is more optimal than a lotion. For combination skin, use mild lotions like Cetaphil or Aveeno. For oily skin, use a lotion rather than a cream moisturizer. If you are trying out moisturizers for the first time, apply the moisturizer in your forearm for a couple of weeks. If your skin feels moisturized and no break out occurred then apply it to your face. Just be sure to read the ingredients before you apply any products to your skin. The last thing you want to is a horrible breakout or rash.


Wear lip balm.

When applied regularly, lip balm can heal dry cracked sore lips.

Drink water!

Believe me, helps your skin stay hydrated and hold its elasticity. I often hear people say its hard for them to drink water. In my blog, I share ways on how to drink more water.


Consider adding moisture to the room you are in the most.

Placing a humidifier your room will aid in keeping your skin moisturized by adding moisture to the air. It will even help with your sinuses and keep your nasal passages moistened.




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