We offer stock and custom wigs are made from human and synthetic hair, all manufactured for a natural look and feel.  Many of our wigs are pre-customized. With thorough consultation to discuss your hair care needs, you will fit comfortable and stay in place. During consultations, my clients always ask:

What is the difference between human hair and synthetic hair wigs?

Human hair wigs look and feel more like your own hair. They can be washed, curled and styled just like your own hair. Human Hair wigs can be purchased in a partial or fully customized fit, length or texture.

I recommend human hair wigs for clients who want the very best or who are expected to experience hair loss for more than a year.

Synthetic wigs are low maintenance. Synthetic hair maintains its shape, even if it you go out in the humidity, rain, or snow. A word to the wise-It’s best not to be around a stove or fire place wearing your wig. You cannot use hot tools on synthetic wigs. Otherwise, the wigs maintain its shape until its restyled by a professional again by a professional. Hand tied synthetic wigs are the lightest and most comfortable. Not to mention, they are a great option for clients on a budget.

What is the difference between wigs and non-surgical hair replacement?

In my opinion, there is no difference between wigs and non-surgical hair replacement. Whether it’s called hair systems, toupees, wigs, or strand – by – strand insertion systems, all hair prostheses are constructed in a common fashion using similar materials. To be more technical, non-surgical hair replacement is the art of providing our clients, both male and female, with a natural looking head of hair that looks and feels like their own biological hair.




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Written by prutlin