Always think beyond the workout.


For workouts, choose hair styles easily for you to manage. If you are into curls, I recommend opting for wavy or curly hair. If you are into straight hair I recommend short hair extension styles where the hair is not on your neck or can be pulled off your neck and face during workout. Wigs are a great option as well. You can remove the wig during workout and then put it back on afterwards. The less excuses we can make about why we can’t work out the better.


I recommend the following:

Short/medium hair-bobby pin or duck bill clip

Long hair- pontytail and headbands

Salt from sweating will break hair off is not washed every week. Depending your hair texture and type you may be able wash your hair right after workout. If you are wearing hair extensions I still recommend washing your hair every week to 2 weeks. Even if your hair is being protected from heat tools i.e. hair dryer, curling irons, etc. You still want to keep your natural hair and scalp healthy.


If you are in between washing your hair, dry shampoo should be your buddy. Consider putting dry shampoo in your gym bag.  It works on natural and hair extensions. Just don’t use a lot. The only brand of dry shampoo I use Kenra.  It smells good and neutralizes the smell from your hair and scalp. You can also try adding a little dry shampoo to your hair before workout. It will help your hair absorb any sweat during workout.Never use dry shampoo on wet hair.


For women with natural hair or curly hair, you can use a creamy hair conditioner to keep your keep your tamed and moisturized until your next wash day.


For super short hair that is shaved, it will be important to keep your hair and scalp moisturized. Your hair will dry out and your scalp can be itchy until you shampoo it. I recommend using a leave in conditioner or hair oil on your scalp.

If you have short relaxed hair you should tie your hair down before getting onto the shower so the short and shaved hair can lay down. The stem from the shower and sweat from your should help that hair lay down. Otherwise the stem from the shower will cause your hair to curl up and revert back to its curly state.



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Written by prutlin