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Where would you be, if…..


You didn’t show up at your next family function, your kid’s football game, your loved one’s home to help take care of them, your class? Stop thinking less of yourself. You are important and your presence matters in the lives of others. Although you may not get the appreciation you desire, just you showing up to your Divine assignment and serving is what matters.

Here’s a great example of what I mean. Today I facilitated a Look Good Feel Better workshop for the American Cancer Society. I had a long weekend and no time to recoup. As my week started, I began to look at my schedule and all of the things I need to do this week. I have to take my kid to an afterschool activity, I have to meet with my mentor this week, my family has bible study this week, I have to service a clients, I need to take my car to auto shop, I have business meetings with perspective clients, on and on. You get the gest. A full schedule again this week. It crossed my mind that may I should not show up for some of these engagements. Maybe I won’t facilitate a workshop this week. I ditched that stinking negative thinking and I showed up for all of my appointments anyway. Especially to facilitate my Look Good Feel Better workshop. And boy was I glad I did.

When I got there, the participants were extremely glad to see me. It brought me unspeakable joy on the inside to teach them how to apply makeup, share tips and tricks on how to tie their head scarves and just bond with them giving them confidence and encouragement as they beat cancer. After the workshop was over, I thought to myself where would I be if my support system I counted on didn’t show up for me when I needed them the most?

I said all of that to say, you may overlook things and thinks it’s no big deal if you don’t show up. But it’s a big deal to those counting on you for support, especially when you are all they may have to count on. On today, I encourage you that no matter what you are facing, always remember someone is counting on you. You are significant. You exist for a purpose.

Have a blessed week.



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Written by prutlin