Virtual Comprehensive Hair & Wellness Consultation is performed by a Certified Trichologist and Wellness Consultant. The Consultation includes: 

  • Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment
  • Recommendation and Referral to a medical professional, if necessary
  • Customized holistic regimen to promote healthy hair and overall wellness
  • 60 day follow-up call to ensure regimen is effective 

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

What is Non-Surgical Hair Replacement?
Applying hair to a bald or thin area without a surgical procedure.

What System and/or Units are available for our purchase?
I offer 2 types of quality hairpieces: Custom Hairpiece and Stock Hairpiece.

What are the differences in the hairpieces?
The custom hairpiece needs to be made for a special situation. It usually takes 4-6 weeks to order and is prepared by the company. The stock hairpiece is available immediately/on hand in my inventory.

How long do the hairpieces last?
The hairpieces last up to One (1) Year: They Are Reusable!

Who is this service for?
All men, women and children who may have experienced hair loss due to injury (burns), chemotherapy, leukemia, lupus, alopecia areata or any other medical conditions.


Envy Wigs (Sherri Shepherd Collection)

Hero with Bangs
Medium Auburn
Faux Fro Lux
Short and Sleek Blonde
Sweet Curls Blonde
Short and Sleek Auburn
Short and Sleek Black

Jon Reneau Wigs

Top Secret
Top Wave

Due to the nature of services offered and client privacy, every client must have an appointment. Book Now!

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After having my two boys, I suffered from hair loss. On top of that,  I  never got the baby weight off. I was over weight. The heaviest I weighed was 225lbs. I ended up going into a depression. It got to the point where I ended up having a mental breakdown, high blood pressure and pre-diabetes. 

Knowing what I know as a Trichologist and Wellness Consultant it is my personal mission to teach women a holistic approach in managing their hair and overall well-being. I help women transform from the inisde out, re-build their confidence, re-create their beauty, and teach them how to love themselves in spite of their circumstances.  As I use my gifts to inspire my clients I receive inspiration from my family and Divine connections. Their support keeps me motivated to make an impact in the world.


My passion has allowed me to impact my community on a grander scale.

I give back by partnering with the American Cancer Society as a Look Good Feel Better volunteer. My partnership has given me the opportunity to utilize my gifts and talents by teaching cancer patients how to apply make-up and to beautify themselves with head wraps and scarves.

When I am not working, I enjoy reading, watching action/suspense movies, pampering myself, and being with my family and pets.  The most important thing you should know about me is... I AM the "BEAUTY REJUVENATOR" determined to help YOU transform into the person you want to become. I'm looking forward to working with you.

I invite you to schedule a Virtual Comprehensive Hair & Wellness Consultation with me. You have nothing to lose.  I guarantee that during our call you will get at least two actions that will give you clarity about your hair and health.

Comprehensive Hair & Wellness Consultation

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Your Hair Loss Experience


  • There is more hair on your pillow in the morning
  • Your hair breaks off easily when you brush it  or pull your fingers through it
  • Your hair feels thinner and more fragile
  • Your hairline is moving farther back
  • Your hair is damaged after chemical and extension services
  • Your hair is coming out due to your disorder
  • You notice hair loss postpartum baby
  • You have bald spots that are growing in size   (androgenic alopecia)


 BOOK YOUR VIRTUAL HAIR & WELLNESS CONSULTATION There are a number of ways to address your hair loss without undergoing an invasive hair transplant procedure. Women respond exceptionally well to non-surgical therapies.

Your prestigious hair restoration experience begins with a virtual comprehensive hair and wellness consultation with Precious Rutlin. She will take photographs of your head and hair to establish a baseline for treatment. She will also measure your hair density in a given area to help formulate your customized system plan. By gathering this information and defining your goals, she will help you choose a therapy that gives you healthier hair in the months to come.




The information provided during your virtual consultation is for your personal use only and to be used as an information resource. It is not to be used for diagnostic or treatment purposes. The information is not intended to be patient education, does not create any patient-physician relationship, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. 

For in-person visits, please arrive for your scheduled appointment on time. You are given a 15-minute grace period for arrival to your scheduled appointment. If you are late for your appointment, please understand, due to the privacy of our business your appointment may have to be rescheduled.

If you need to cancel or reschedule my appointment No worries. We understand life happens. Emergencies come up on the day of your appointment. We will give you the utmost service and do our best to accommodate your needs. In doing so, please be mindful that this is a business that values its clients and client’s time. Please Note: A non-refundable reservation fee is required to hold your appointment and will be charged to your credit card upon booking. The reservation fee is credited toward your services on the day of your appointment. All cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will result in the client being charged 50% of the total amount of the services to be rendered.



What puts the "system" in hair replacement systems?

There are two very different types of hair systems available; Stock and Custom. The names indicate the biggest difference between them.

Stock Hair Systems — Are the most common because they are sold "as is" and off-the-shelf, they can be a very inexpensive way to buy. However, many people have a more unique (or larger) hair loss pattern than the standard horseshoe shape.

Custom Hair Systems —Measurements are taken for your specific size and pattern of hair loss. Getting an exact color match and organic graduation into your own natural growing hair is also an important detail to achieving an undetectable look.

In addition to the added levels of detail, custom hair systems are made from lighter materials. Plus more attention is paid to the front hairline, the most important part of a hair system. Bleached knots disappear right into the skin. These knots are put through a delicate bleaching process after being tied (ventilated) into the hair system base. This takes out most of the dark color and leaves a virtually invisible knot that really appears to be growing right from your scalp.

Transitional density hairlines are a subtle graduation into your normal density level. The hair used in the front is also finer, like a real hairline. Each strand of hair is affixed to our special lace material in such a unique way that you cannot see where it is attached. When pressed onto the scalp with our unique bonding adhesive, the lace completely disappears. The result is a natural, invisible front hairline - even up close.




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