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There is nothing wrong with wearing wigs. In fact, our ancestors wore wigs for fashion and ceremonial purposes. With modernization and improved technology wigs are being produced in larger quantities, of a higher quality and with more style. Today, there are plenty of wigs, hair systems, and accessories that can accommodate your needs. The key to wearing wigs is being educated on your options, being aware of your lifestyle, and identifying your hair goals. I’m sure you have talked with others who have worn wigs and hairpieces or read articles where others shared horror stories about their experience wearing wigs. I wrote this blog to clear up some common myths about wigs.

Myth 1: Wigs are for chemotherapy patients.

Wigs are for everyone! Typically, people suffering from hair loss due to medical conditions need a reliable hair solution to turn to while they figure out what is best for their condition. Aside from that, the bottom line is that everyone wants to look and feel good. Wigs give you the flexibility to change your hairstyle temporarily without damaging your natural hair.

Myth 2: Wigs make your head hot and itch.

Not so. High quality, well-made wigs use stretchy materials and adjustable straps to fit the cap perfectly to your head. Caps made from high quality materials will be lightweight, breathable and comfortable—far from the poor quality, itchy, uncomfortable, non-adjustable wigs that are sold.

When wearing a wig, your head will itch for a number of reasons. One reason could be because you are in the process of losing your hair. As soon as your hair falls out, wait a day and your head will feel fine. Another reason could be that the wig cap you are wearing is not the proper size for your head. However, it does help to wash your wig with the proper products for the type of wig you have (synthetic wig or human hair wig). The wig caps soften as you wear the wig. You can also put on a mesh wig cap to minimize movement, which can cause friction, hence the itching.

Myth 3: Wigs are fake looking and can be easily detected as fake hair.

Not necessarily. It depends on whether the wig you purchased is made from human hair or synthetic fibers. Human hair wigs can give you the natural look and feel of your own hair. Synthetic wigs are made up of various fibers. Some of the synthetic fibers will make wigs look too shiny. That is why it is always best to try wigs on before you purchase them. You may be able to tolerate wearing the wig in spite of its shininess. Depending on how shiny the wig is, usually within a couple of cleanings the wig will be perfect. Again, this depends on the make and manufacturer of the hair. High quality wigs will also use more realistic looking and feeling fibers, hand-tied, at least in part, to simulate natural growth and movement. If you choose to invest in a quality wig, no one will be able to tell it’s not your real hair. Here is a tip: On blonde or gray colored wigs, you can pat talcum powder lightly on the hair then brush the wig and the shine will dull or diminish to give the wig the natural look you wanted in the first place.


Myth 4: Wigs damage easily.

When your head is properly measured and fitted for your wig, the probability for damage to your wig is minimized. Wigs are made with stretchy, scalp-hugging materials and adjustable straps to ensure a close, comfortable fit.

The key to the longevity of your wig is maintenance. A quality wig requires the same care as your natural hair. With a good hair care regime and proper maintenance, your wig will last for years. To learn more about how to care for your hair extensions, wigs, and units click here.



Myth 5: Wigs hinder hair growth.

Although you are wearing a wig, you are not off the hook from taking care of your natural hair. Wigs do not hinder your hair growth. If you had no problems with hair growth before you started wearing wigs, there is no reason to assume wearing wigs will restrict your hair growth. You should remove your wig daily so your natural hair can breathe. You have to maintain your natural hair in addition to wearing a wig.

To maintain the integrity of your natural hair and ensure continued hair growth follow these steps:

After shampooing and conditioning your natural hair thoroughly dry it before putting on your wig again. Leaving your natural hair wet then putting on your wig makes your natural hair susceptible to mildew and fungus as well as unpleasant smells. Use a lightweight oil on your scalp and hair to help keep your scalp and hair moisturized. Be careful not to overdo it with products because excessive use of products on your scalp can build up on your scalp and clog your pores. Continue to get your natural hair trimmed (on a schedule your hairstylist suggests) to keep it healthy and to keep it growing.


Myth 6: Wigs are expensive.

Wigs are an investment. These days you can find quality wigs similar in price to a haircut or color service at your salon and they last longer. You do not have to purchase the most expensive wig on the market to get a style you love that looks completely natural. For instance, you can try synthetic blend wigs. Synthetic blend wigs are a mixture of human hair and synthetic hair that looks, feels, and styles just like real hair.

Myth 7: You’re stuck with your wig after purchase.

When you consult with a Hair Specialist, they will help you select the wig that best suits your needs so there will be no need to have any remorse about your investment. The Hair Specialist will professionally style your wig and make the necessary adjustments to your wig to suit your face size and shape. There is never a reason to feel stuck with your wig after purchase. The styling options i.e. updos (for longer hair wigs); spikes or smooth pixies for short hair wigs; hair accessories, etc are endless!

Do you still have questions about wig myths you’d like busted? Let’s arrange a 15 minute complimentary consultation to hash out those wig myths.



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