From my experience in both private and government sectors, the extra demands of doing your job as well as the jobs of 3 others can put stress on you…hence leaving many feeling “overworked and underpaid”. Many women feel they have no choice but to press on and deal with the job along with their personal life’s obligations.


I am here today as a testimony to tell that you can de-stress and focus on what matters most-YOU!

I have 7 strategies that will help your work days be more productive and enjoyable:

1) Strive to Maintain a Positive Work Environment. Although you may be chained to a desk from 9 to 5, you can adjust your surroundings. Clean, de-clutter, and organize your desk or workspace. Wipe down/sanitize your desk. A clean space frees you mentally. Just seeing organization and cleanliness makes you feel like you have made progress and accomplished something. Bring in fresh flowers and plants. Plants remove toxins from the air, help you breathe easier because they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, they have a pleasant fragrance, and help boost your mood with its presence. If you are not into plants or flowers, you can opt for good smelling air freshener or an electric candle warmer. If possible play soothing music on a radio or get one of those electronic operating water falls or battery spa playing clocks from Brookstone.


2) Treat Yourself to a Spa Day. Get a massage, manicure, or pedicure. Get your hair done, even if it’s a simple hair trim. Pampering yourself and feeling good has a huge impact on your confidence and mental psychology. Looking good and feeling better is the one thing that you can control when everything around you is no so bright.


3) Go for walks around your building or facility. Take frequent breaks and get up and walk. It’s not good to sit in front of your computer for long periods of time. You can run into the problem of muscle and joint stiffness, increase the possibility of blood clots in your legs, and add the potential for muscle imbalance.


4) Join a meetup group that interests you. Get out and meet other people that have the same interests as you. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals increases your potential of being the best you that you can be.


5) Figure out your hobbies and do more of it! Over the years, I have seen women not have life outside of work and family. It’s extremely important to your mental well-being to figure out what you enjoy doing. Doing what brings you joy brings can release the hormones within your body that makes you happy.


6) Plan more mini-get a ways as opposed to a week-long vacation twice a year. Breaking up your vacation into smaller vacations make you feel like you are getting away more frequently and you are changing up your environment. Not to mention it gives you something to look forward to if you are traveling with your family or friends.


7) Consider using pure essential oils. I recommend Young Living Essential Oils or doTerra. The fragrance from the essential oils directly affect everything from your emotional state of being to your lifespan. Pure essential oils can be inhaled, digested, diffused in the air, and applied topically onto into the skin. Young Living has a great Aroma Guide Roller that you can use to turn any of your favorite oils into a roll-on bottle. I recommend the following Young Living oils to de-stress: Peppermint (it’s fresh, uplifting, energizing); Stress Away (restores equilibrium, induce relaxation, and reduce occasional nervous tension); Lavender (refreshing, calming, brings sense of peace and harmony); and Joy (brings happiness to the heart, uplifting and refreshing).





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Written by prutlin